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can anyone help


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I live in Australia. We left our family home in the U.K on a 12 month assured short hold tenancy 6 years ago. long expired

Good tenet no problems.

My wife’s father manages the property for us.

We have never increased the rent .we have kept it well maintained over the years.

Doing the right thing as you would expect.

My father- in law had a Stroke last August. He is OK now thank god. But we needed to take away any burdens on him.

We decided to sell our house in the spring

My wife went home early March to explain to our tenets rather then ringing or sending a letter of our circumstances and to put the house on the market.

Cut a long story short 6 weeks have gone by and it all gone pear shaped for my wife

They are not making any attempt to find something elsewhere to live. refusing to let the estate agent in to take photos, repeated appointments are being broken. and now my wife is taking verbal abuse from them and other family members

Has anybody got any advice for us?

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