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Advice re- converting house into flats


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Hello all,

I own a large house in East London which I would like to convert into 3 flats.

My understanding is that I need to go through the following:

-Consult an architect regarding feasbility/ design/ consultancy

-Apply for the necessary planning consents

-Employ project manager/ builders/ contractors or ask architect to act in this role

I would appreciate your advices on the steps/ process one should consider to convert a house into flats. Also I'd appreciate comments regarding your own experience of this activity, perhaps offering advice as to the pitfalls/ things to watch out for (including an idea of cost).

Reccomendations of a suitable architect within East London would also be gratefully received.

Thanks for your help!

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hi Monty,

if you want to give me some contact information, I can put you in touch with the person I use for most of my drawings for planning permission - I don't think you'll find anyone cheaper. I'm also in East London and have done a good few conversions.

Send by 'private message' if you like - just a 'phone number would be a good start.


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