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Baad debtors


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I own a few properties in the Blackpool area and I am starting to get a few that won't pay. I've looked into getting court judgments but my friend says they are a waste of time and he recomended using a debt recovery company, on looking the nearest one to me is www.mtrecovery.co.uk Do you think this is the best way to go or is there anything else I can do?



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Hi Nicola

I have used a debt recovery service (Yuill & Kyle). They issued a"pre-sue letter" to my tenant which cost me £3.50 + VAT. This seems to have worked as my tenant then absconded. (lol)

This company will also do a full service ie search for them and take them to court (price varies).

I think the pre-sue letter is a very good "threat" for a little cost and worth a try.

I hope this info helps

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