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Break Clause explanation - help please


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Hello everyone,

First post so please be gentle. I have my first tenant in a property. They signed a 12 month AST with a 6 month break clause. Last week I received a letter stating that they are giving 3 months notice to leave the property (they only had to give 2 but this ties in with summer hols for them I suppose).

Anyway they have been in the property for 7 months. My understanding was that they could give me 2 months bnotice on month 4 so that they moved out on the 6 month or they had to see it through for the 12 months.

I have called my letting agent who has said that this is not the case and they can give notice any time after the 4th month.

Please could someone with experience of this clarify this for me. If this is true what is the point in a 12 month contract with break. It may aswell be a 6 month contract left to roll over at the end.

I am asking because I am concerned that 1) the letting agent and the tenant are friends, 2)the letting agent is sniffing commission sooner rather than later.

The tenants are the traditional late payers so it is no hardship but the contract does state that for early termination the tenant should pay any fees associated with finding another tenant.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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