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I'm looking for landlords/letting agents and management companies in the North West (preferrably Greater Manchester/Cheshire/Lancashire area) who would be interested in free insulation measures ie. cavity wall and loft insulation to all residential properties in their portfolio.

Membership of a certain professional association is required but other than joining fees (which I can provide a discount for) there is absolutely no charge to you!

This is a 100% genuine scheme whether you have 1 to 500 or 20 to 2000 properties and does not rely on tenants recieving benefits or having to qualify in any other way!

For more details and/or an information pack you can PM me or email me direct at info@insulate-it.co.uk

I can also offer advice on Warmfront/EAGA grants and any other insulation/energy efficiency matters you may have.

Thanks, Nick (INSULATE-IT)

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