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long term tenant query


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I have a tenant who has been in for over 2 years and consistently paid rent despite having mental health problems and being sectioned to secure hospital! The house is very important to her because of that. The rent more than covers the interest payments and I have only increased the rent once by £10 per month to cover extended absence insurance while she is in hospital.

She's starting to give me a bit of attitude and mess me around not being in for the gas man , and changing appointments etc. I anticipate that if or when I do have to evict her, I will see a full attitude problem although not necessary non compliance. Am I stupid for not increasing the rent? Anticipating problems, would any of you consider evicting or is it enough to have a stable tenant, with attitude than a non paying tenant with attitude, which I have had before? I just wonder if i'm being too soft.

Thanks in advance


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