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Advice on current regulations when sourcing BMV property


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Hi all
I just wondered if you would be able to help me with a query I have.
I'm not an investor myself, my involvence in the property market in the past has purely been at a property sourcing level. I would generate BMV leads for investors and sell them for a price per lead depending on the potential value of the lead.
Now this was all back in the day of sell and rent back not being regulated and before the recession hitting everyone. Eventually, as investors struggled to get mortgages and advertising for the properties became more and more regulated, I stopped generating these leads. I also had a baby, so stopped working for a while. Basically I've been out of 'the scene' for a few years now!
So my question is; can somebody please give me an idea what regulations stand today in this market? Is it ok to advertise that you can 'buy property quickly/within 28 days', so long as you don't offer a sell and rent back service?
Is it ok to say you are able to pass details on to regulated companies if a visitor is interested in sell and rent back? Or is that a complete no no?
Are there any other new regulations I should be aware of before getting back into the BMV lead market? Obviously I will need an information commissioners license, but do I need to think of anything else to be perfectly legal and legit?
All help very gratefully appreciated!
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