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Tax - first year returns


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I'm about to rent out my first property from Feb and looking at HMRC tax guidance it suggests

If the income is more than £2,500 in a year, report it on your Self Assessment tax return.

If the income is less than £2,500, call the Self Assessment Helpline and ask for form P810.

Given that my income based on Feb, Mar, April will be less than £2500 for this tax year I assume no need to complete a SA return this year just complete a P810?


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We rang the tax office earlier this week about exactly what you've said.

Conclusion was that we should put our losses on our SA return (husband is self-employed in another business area).

I *think* the P180 can be used for tax to be paid via your normal PAYE system, but of course in our case, we don't pay tax by PAYE anyway - hence putting it onto our SA tax return.

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