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Deposit advice please


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I have mucked up. I was told by my letting agent that they were holding the deposit on a property that I rent, in fact the money had been transferred to my account. - my error there.

Anyway my tenant moved out and left the place in quite a mess. They agreed to some reductions from the deposit but there were a couple of areas where we could not agree to the amount to deduct. The tenant has now bought it to my attention that I mucked up re not putting the deposit in a protection scheme and is asking for the full deposit back.

I am happy to pay them back (and always have been) but still think that there should be deductions for mess and damage to the ppty.

My questions to you:

I pay them back in full stating this is not accepting the ppty was left clean etc, can I still claim through the small claims courts for damage to the ppty. I have plenty of evidence and written acknowledgment from the tenant.

Surely once paid back they can not claim for damages through the courts for not protecting the deposit because they will have the deposit back before making any action in court etc.

Hope that makes sense. Thank for your time

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