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ARLA training for Landlords?


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Hi all,

new round here, go easy on me XD

I made a (mind bendingly long to write) submission to the CSC on the PRS yesterday and was struck by a thought - I know that most Landlords will seek to be members of a voluntary accreditation scheme such as RLA or NLA or similar - but have Landlords ever considered studying the ARLA qualification to gain an insight into the world of their agents?

And conversely, have agents ever sought to be members of the RLA, NLA and other similar bodies (forgive me if I've missed some, I'm sure I have forgotten many!)?

The thought behind these musings are that, far from individuals attempting one-upmanship and attempting to circumvent the law, would there be benefit in taking a step back and seeking to understand the process to eliminate misunderstandings, avoid mistakes, raise the bar and thus the standard and make the Private Rental Sector a much happier stress free place?

Could it even be argued that TENANTS might want to take an ARLA exam? You can do the exams, and study the materials, no problem.....might be some membership hiccups but that doesn't diminish the fact that it has been studied and passed in any way...



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