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HMO's can I get round licensing?


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Hello gents.

Briefly,semi-detached house converted 1954 into two flats and ground/basement maisonette,with communal entrance.

1st,2nd floor flats were rented out,maisonette is family home,all owned without charge.

The council have decided to introduce HMO licensing in this area,previously license not needed,and I told I will need

a license costing about £1000.Then the rest of the rules and reg's will kick in from the safety stasi.

Question,is there away round it so I don't have to get a license but still get some income,I believe i can rent one flat out

but two will take me to two thirds of the property and then it becomes licensable.So I am told.

I believe I can "live" in 1st floor flat and take a lodger and this should be ok?

Any ideas gents.What about option to rent/buy as I might get rid of one flat to save any hassle with the council.

Cheers M.

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Guest tenants_from_hell

Dont think you need a HMO license for 2 flats in a property because they are seperate...

A local landlord owns about 9 terraced 3 storey properties 8 are converted in to similar flats like yours and only 1 isn't and that 1 is HMO.

HMO is a load of headache (cost wise, standards and so on). And every local authority has different views/regs on it. Mind you, your local council is a bit slow in enforcing HMO's?!

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