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Landlord's views needed for research on tighter regulation in future

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I need to interview private landlords in London. I'm researching London's private rented sector as part of an MSc research project. In particular, I'm looking at landlord licensing: whether there is a need for it, and what the effects might be.

I need to interview private landlords currently letting properties in Hackney or Newham.

Interviews will last between 30 and 45 minutes. I can come to your house or workplace, or we can do the interview at LSE in Holborn,or in a quiet pub or café in your local area. If necessary, I can also do the interview over the phone. I can interview you at any time between Thursday 26 July and Monday 6 August.

All interviews will be confidential and interviewees will be completely anonymous. Your name will not appear in the report.

I can't offer payment but I will provide snacks and drinks. Your input will add to the debate about stronger landlord regulation in London. I can give you a copy of the report when it is finished, if you like.

Please contact me, Rosie, at r.walker@lse.ac.uk

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