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Need help preparing your property between or after rentals?


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Any experiencedlandlord or agent will know that there is often a multitude of things to bedone before a tenant can move in.

My name is Carie ann Mitchell and alongwith my partner we offer a friendly and professional property preparationservice. We are based in Oxfordshire and have clients in surroundingcounties.

Be it a brand new kitchen that your property may need or just a clean betweenrentals, we can provide our time and experience to rectify any problems inorder to get your property ready. Our solutions save your time and have thepotential to add value to your property income. Each property & client isdifferent, so our service is designed to accommodate each project accordingly.As a team, we can structure a schedule around the individual job.

Here at letprep we use a network of local trades and wherever possible we dothe job ourselves so you only have to deal with us. Any trades we use aretried, tested and known to us. We believe that the personal service we offer,encourages our trade contacts to price work competitively, which we then passon to our clients. In turn our reputation for being efficient and honest is atthe heart of our business.

Although I could write several paragraphs explaining further, in my experienceour web site will explain a little more about us and the services we canoffer.

If our services are of interest to you please feel free to contact us

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