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Advice Needed - Accelerated Posssession Procedure


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The Section 21 I gave my tenant expired on the 5th of January, have to go thru the Accelerated Possession route now. Dilemma is that the start of the tenancy was a joint tenancy before the Tenancy Deposit Scheme was introduced. As such her own share of the deposit was half of the rent and when she took over the tenancy, did not ask her for the full amount. The Deposit( half the rent) was put in the scheme in Nov 2010.

My question is,as I have to submit proof of the money being in the TDS, how do I make the Court understand this?

Do I include a copy of the joint Tenancy Agreement that was jointly signed 7 yrs ago in the documents to be handed in in Court?

We are in Court currently for 6months rent arrears.

Thank you for your help!

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