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Hi, I am a new member! First of all can I just ask something? What if you have a problem with a tenant and pose a question on this site but the tenant also joins this site and reads the question and gets some ideas which help them!

Anyway, I'll take that risk but I wont give too much detail!

I have recently started a moneyclaim online . Tonight I was just looking at the claim online and although there are a few more days to go before I can take it further and enforce judgment I clicked on " Next" to see what I had to do when I could enforce judgment.

It said that if I had given particulars of the claim to the tenant (which I had done) then I had to confirm that I had filed a certificate of service within 14 days . I was dismayed when I read this because I did not know what it meant and it did not mention that I had to do this at the first stage. The 14 days expired today. I googled around and it seems that you have to get and complete a form N215 and send it to the court (presumably Northampton) . I am so annoyed and upset that it did not say this at the first stage . I thought that unless it resulted in a court hearing that everything was done online but it seems that I am supposed to obtain this form from somewhere and put it in the post to the court. Does anyone have any advice or information on this?

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