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I went to view a property on 01/09/11, I verbally agreed to pay the first months rent and deposit before moving in on 07/09/11. When I moved into the property I recieved a tenancy agreement with the incorrect postcode and which stated I was entering into a 1 year assured shorthold lease, as this was not the same as the 6 month agreement we had verbally agreed I did not sign. Then I recieved another, different, tenancy agreement through the post. This tenancy agreement was open-ended and as it differed again from both the verbal agreement and the first incorrect one I did not sign it. After 9 days in the property I became ill and had to move back to my mothers. I agreed that the landlord could keep the months rent which I had paid, for inconvenience and to cover any costs incurred. I also agreed at the time that I would pay for the readvertising and that my step-father would repair some damage caused by my cats. When I wrote to the landlord asking for my deposit back, which she had not held with an appropriate deposit scheme, she returned a cheque for less than half the value of my deposit paid. Claiming £109 for 9 days rent, for which I had paid £480 and was happy for her to keep. Also, she is claiming for cleaning products and £11 per hour cleaning charge. Even though the house was spotless, as myself and family members had cleaned it before leaving. I sent her the cheque back, asking for my deposit back, minus the readvertising charge and for 'said' cleaning products. I have been advised to go to a small claims court and added this to my letter. She has replied that she has been very fair and will counter-claim, trying to make me liable for the 6months tenancy agreement, which was never written, or signed. Where do I stand with this please?

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