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Place of service documents for rent arrears claim


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Good day. We talked to a pre-judgement section of the county court and were told that the only way to get our money back is to serve the claim to T current residential address.

- If we serve it at his work address (with permission of the judge) and he ignores it, the case will be thrown out because CCJ can't be made against work address, only residential one. His work has done nothing wrong to have CCJ against them.

- If we use his past residential address (our flat), having used a tracing agent, and later try to enforce it, he only has to prove that at the time of service he didn't live there (and show a new tenancy agreement) for the case to be thrown out of the court (not just put aside).

I was under impression that you can use either, but it looks like neither is any good. Can you, please confirm that this is the case?

Also, it there are CCJs against him, registered at his previous addresses, he will have a clear credit history as long as he gives his last "clean" address, and it won't be picked up during credit checks by LL? T could say that before S/he lived with their parents.

Thank you.

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