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Ending Contract early


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Hello everyone,

Wonder if you could help me!

Myself and my partner signed individual contracts for 2 separate rooms in s house share, paid the deposit etc and paid the first months rent upfront.

The contract was for a 12 month contract with the first 6 months fixed and requiring 2 months notice to end it at the end of the fixed period.

We found a house to share as a couple and gave the landlord just over 2 months notice to end the agreement at the end of the 6 months but also said we would help find replacements so we could move sooner. The landlord agreed and we managed to replace me 1 month before my agreement ended. The landlord was happy and the new guy moved in.

Now, here is the interesting part, I have asked for my deposit back and the landlord has now informed me that he will need to take out money to pay for the new contract for my replacement or early ending fee for my contract.

I feel this is barbaric! I replaced myself which he agreed and took the gentlemen on, he would have had to have done that anyway once we had moved but we did it for him.

Can you tell me if he is right to do that please? as i have no experience with this type of thing.

Cheers in advance!!

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do you have a copy of your original contract? please read it over carefully. there could well be a clause stating that a 'replacement' tenant with lower rent payments can and will be made up through the deposit of the previous tenant on the contract. however, if he has entered into a new contract with the 'replacement' tenant and signed a closure on your original contract he shouldn't charge for the difference.

Did he sign a closure or waiver?

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