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should I take it to the small claims


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I issued a section 21 to some tennants who did a moonlight flit the day before they were due to leave. They have failed to pay the last month's rent and have left a note and set of keys with a neighbour, they were issued with 2 sets and have signed for this as part of the inventary list. They have also failed to cmplete maintenance as per the contract. they are pestering me to take post to a neighbour for them to collect however this neighbour has told me they have no contact details, so I have offered to hand the post over to the tennants if they want to meet.

The deposit is with the deposit protection scheme and is the equivilent of 1 months rent, but I do not have their repayment id so will lose money paying a solicitor. Just by chance I found out where the tennants have moved to so can issue and correspondence.

I really don't know what to do as they have informed the police that i have tried to climb a fence at the back of the property to get in (There is no fence it is a wall and all I did was knock on the door) and now they have told them I am tampering with their post, which is also untrue as I have offered to meet to hand it over.

I want an end to this but at the same time they have caused me so much grief with the police and telling lies to the neighbours in a street where I want to get new tennants for. I don't want them to get away with it.

What should I do? Any advice would be helpful please

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