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Hi there, just joined for the purpose of looking for advice on a problem I am having. The flat is in Scotland, so the law will be different to if this happened in England, but even so if anyone in England knows what I can do or where I should look that would be much appreciated. I'll try and explain as simply as possible:

Student flat, 4 bedrooms. We sign contract, pay rent. Emergency floor repair takes place in one of the rooms as we move in, rendering it unusable for what became 3 calender months. Therefore one of the bedrooms has been shared for 3 months. So two rooms have been affected by the work, as well as the hall way for storage which wouldn't otherwise be there. The reason is took 3 months was because of insurance claims, but it has finally been sorted. Landlord says she will sort the 2 guys it affected out with 'a little something' when we move out next july - not what we wanted to hear.


1. Are we right to believe we are entitled to 2 rooms X 3 months rent compensation because that is what's been affected? One room was 100% unusable and one bedroom was shared for 3 months! Hardly ideal, and a distressful situation considering we are 20 year old lads!

2. Would it be the insurance who pays out to us? Or the landlord? Are we in a position to contact her insurance or is all communication through her?

3. Is it reasonable to request to see any relevant insurance documents?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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