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Living abroad, taxes


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Dear all,

this is my first post on this forum. Since now I've read some useful informations.

First of all, I do apologise for my English... I'll do my best in order to improve it.

Briefly, I'm thinking about a buy-to-let investment in the London area. I'm not english and not resident in the UK.

The only income I'll get in the UK will be the rental, I guess about £ 13.000/per year.

Are you able to tell me what % tax will I pay on this income?

Are the cost for the home (mortage interests, maintenance) tax-deductible in the UK ?

Kind regards,


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I would guess that income made in the UK is subject to some kind of tax. Contact HMRC - they are bound to know. (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)


Thank you, I'll try to get some informations.

About the "deductible" cost of a buy-to-let property, is it allowed in the UK?

I'm asking because it is not possible in Italy...

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