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Corporation Road, Cardiff, S*****foot


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I recently moved out of a ground floor flat with cellar in Corporation Road. I had nothing but problems with the letting agents and with the property itself. The roof leaked which stained the walls and damaged some of my own possessions. The cellar was damp and mouldy producing a steady stream of spiders and other wildlife (gnats I think) which I'm terrified of.

Flushing the toilet provided enough noise and vibration from the ancient plumbing to knock things off the shelves. It also appeared that the upstairs flat's heating relied upon mine so that if they had the heating on it would drain my credit.

Despite reporting the problems the answer was always the same, I had to sort everything out myself which meant dealing with the upstairs landlord. It took him 2 months to partially solve the leaking roof though it would still leak on occasion. The turnover of noisy neighbours upstairs was very high, it seemed like a different family every month who he would happily tell they could use our garden and bins.

It was a nightmare and I've only listed a few of the problems!

Now the agents are claiming money from my bond (which is in the DPS) to decorate, clean and de-infest the property! I cleaned the flat to a very high standard and have photographic evidence to prove it. They refused to give me written permission to decorate and the only decoration required was painting the walls due to the streams of water from the leaking ceiling. As for de-infestation, the only animals we didn't see were the fleas they claim are now present. I'm rather surprised that the spiders (some of which were as big as my hand!) haven't eaten them.

Surely they arn't allowed to defraud me of my bond money when they refused to tackle any of the problems reported?

Please help!

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