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Letting Agency not answering my letters


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When the keys to my property were returned to me by the letting agent, I was told I would receive a final letter and final payment. This was around the end of March. Upon thorough inspection of the property I discovered a certain amount of damage, for example holes made in double glazing frames and in walls, nails hammered into the exterior doors of fitted wardrobes, internal glass of the oven missing, to name but a few things. Apart from that the place was absolutely filthy, but at least the agency had painted the walls after the tenants left. I phoned the agency and I was told someone would come to do the repairs, however, not only did nobody do the repairs, I have not received a final letter, and I have received no rent payment from them since February although the tenants moved out at the end of March. I have written two letters to the agency but have received no acknowledgment. In the second letter I said that if I did not hear from them I would put the matter in the hands of my solicitor - but still no success. Any suggestions on my next move?

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