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New landlord just starts...


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Hi all,

Almost starts as new landlord, the forum and previous posts help me a lot so far. But still questions come up everyday that need more help:

- Landlord insurance... usually what kind of insurance as B2L landlord will buy as normal practice, content, emergency, etc.?

- Tenant reference checking... do you just ask tenant to provide reference letters from previous landlords and employer or you really call them

- Tenant credit checking... what places do you usually go to subscribe this service?


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Hi Luigi,

Landlord insurance is the same as insuring your own house but with the added risks involved with having tenants. It does not usually include contents - get tenants to insure their own contents and advise them of this at the outset. Get quotes of the net before deciding.

Ask your prospective tenants for lanldlord references - if they have them this is good news.

Tenant checking and credit rererencing - this is all available from firms on the net - you choose as they are all looking at he same data base. I personally always speak with employers to be sure but firms will give you details of whom they spoke to.


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Hey Luigi,

I would urge you to actually call the tenants' supervisors to verify employment and income, and call their current landlord to verify their payment history (many landlords won't hesitate to lie when filling out a form, but will hesitate when actually asked - remember the easiest way to get rid of a bad tenant is to say "perfect rental payment history").

You should also pull tenant credit reports and other background checks, such as criminal history, eviction history, and bounced check history (also known as TeleCheck). There are a LOT of websites that offer these checks, although I of course recommend my own, ezLandlordforms - here's a link to the Tenant Screening Reports page.

One last note - you'll need written consent in the form of a rental application with authorization; here's a link to our free rental application form.

Actually, that wasn't the last note - I would also recommend walking through the tenants' current residence, to see how they actually live. Yes, they can clean it up beforehand, but in some ways that tells you even more, as conscientious people will do a good thorough cleaning if a stranger is about to walk through their home to evaluate them, whereas a deadbeat won't bother.

Best of luck Luigi!



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