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Tenant refusing to pay rent


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Hi All

I have been a landlord for some time however all the pain in the backside tenants seem to be happening at this time

Tenant moved in Jan last year under a 1 year tenancy agreement through an estate agent.

They begged me if they could stay on for another 6 weeks after expiry of their tenancy agreement.

I let them stay on the condition that this did not involve any more paper work for me and any fees ought to be payable by them, to the agents and not by me(via email communication) provided they paid a rent for this period.

The tenants have stopped paying rent quoting various excuses including that they werent aware that a check in report was ever carried out or that the deposit was registered etc

the check in was done by an independent third party just before the move in and the deposit is registered with a TDS

I have sent them a copy

They claimed therefore they would treat the deposit as 6 weeks rent(I am obviously concerned about the damage and expenses etc if they do not leave the property in a rentable state-of course they might refuse to leave after 28 Feb, should I serve a section 21 notice as well)

They are refusing to pay rent but claim they will move out of 28 Feb 20I1, I am planning to serve a section 8 notice and apply for accelerated possession proceedings but have no direct experience of this (other than through lawyers who I am fed up with as they charge 100' pounds for a letter!)

Obviously I am not happy with 4-5 months it would take for a section 21 notice etc to get them out just because the courts take that much time Can I contact their employer to get their contact details to pursue debt

Many thanks

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I think golden rule is don't allow tenants to use deposit as rent - you realise that if damage is done you have no comebacks. Very difficult to act quickly in this situation.

How long has woman and child been residing at property? If only recent they have no right of tenure and can be told to leave.

You can contact the employer but no guarantee they will tell you anything - data protection and all that. If they leave and owe wait a while and use 'findermonkey.co.uk'

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