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Italian Lakes... To buy or not to buy


How many of the 52 weeks a year does your villa/apartment let?  

  1. 1. How many of the 52 weeks a year does your villa/apartment let?

    • 0-10 weeks
    • 11-20 weeks
    • 21-30 weeks
    • 31-40 weeks
    • 41+ weeks

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so please go easy on me!

I am a young Brit who is in love with the Itallian lakes, especially Como... I have been doing research recently into buying to let (obviously to use as a personal retreat also). Thus far I have found little evidence that many of the apartments and villas listed on the renting sites actually get let at all? I will be honest, this is mainly due to the fact that none of the calendars of each property have any unavailable dates...

I'm thinking (due to the vast amount of listings) that this must be a worthwhile investment (obviously if you buy and rent at the right price). Can you put my mind to rest either by completing the poll or making a note below?

I just need to get a basic idea on how much of the mortgage I will be likely to cover from tourist's using my property...? Big question I know, and obviously dependent on a lot of factors, but lets say its competitively priced and in a decent location for sake of argument!

Thanks in advance for reading/responding.



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I think you are making this too personal and not looking at it as a business enterprise.

OK, so buy the holiday home but don't expect any guarantee on rents. With the cheap airlines closing some routes you will see a fall in short breaks to this area and renting villas does not appeal to everyone. There is not lack accommodation in this area - I went there a couple of years ago. Risky I would say.

There is only one place to buy for me - the UK! It is a unique market.


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