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COST - Advertising for Tenants


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I own two HMO properties in quite different areas and whilst I have a fairly stable group of tenants ( the typical length of stay is about two years) I still seem to spend quite a lot of money on advertising.

I have therefore taken steps to set-up my own website and invite landlords and potential tenants to advertise properties / post housemate profiles and contact each other for FREE.

As a native speaker of English, I understand what FREE means !!!

I don't ask for payment, expect payment or even take payment details.

The site is currently targeted at room rentals but is currently being updated to allow the advertising of entire properties.

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Are there not enough websites dedicated to this sort of thing already - free or otherwise? I suppose it depends on your geographical area. Newspapers are the most expensive way to advertise but it is all tax deductable.

If your tenants are staying an average of 2 years then you are doing well. I don't do HMO's but find an average let is 18 months.

Good luck with the site anyway,


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