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Is being a Landlord considered having an occupation?


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Hello, I hope someone can advise me.

I need to know if having one buy-to-let property is considered having an occupation

. May sound strange but I have an income protection policy , this policy has wording as follows, ..... 90% of any income from any pension and 90% of any income from ANY OCCUPATION will be taken into account.

Personally I don't feel having one buy-to-let property makes it an occupation, If using an agent to manage the property, do you think that makes it even less of an occupation?

I have searched everywhere for an answer but with no luck.

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Well may be you should ask yourself if you could live off the income after tax of this 'buy to let'? Do you have another job?

I see having 1 BTL as a hobby almost and not an occupation especially when using an agent.

On the matter of any insurance policy - if you try to claim they will try to get out of it - just bear that in mind before you put this down as your occupation.


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