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Tenancy & Agent Contracts_Divorce

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Hi everyone

Been searching all over the web for the answer to this and after some advice.

currently going thru a divorce. me and wife own two properties, one residential the other btl. She lives in the residential property and the idea is that i take residency of the btl. spoken to mortgage co no problems with that.

however, she is refusing to deal with the tenants in the btl saying they are now my problem. she wont forward me any agency contracts or tenancy agreements (vital as i need to terminate both in accordance with terms, but need to know what the terms are first!!!!)

I am named on the deeds and btl mortgage, and I THINK i am on the tenancy agreement and agent contract.

I need to write to them to get copies of this but am stumped as to a letter format to do so?

Can't find any laws or acts that reference this situation either.

I want to reference the Land Registry but dont even know where to start?

the agency does not return my phone calls and i want to do this without a solicitor charging £ 200 for a letter.

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You can access Land Registry online and with a credit card payment, find the registered owners of the B2L. Armed with that information visit the agent if possible. The agent should have both your names on any agreements with them and on the AST with the tenants.

Have you anything in writing from your wife that sets out that you have the B2L and she has the other? If not then you may have to wait until the divorce sorts this out. If she is not co-operating then it looks as though you may have to use a solicitor.

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If you know the name and place of biz of the agency go there with your proof of ownership and discuss the situation with the manager. Going there is better than a letter if at all possible. Take ID such as passport with you.

Do you have written confirmation from your ex to be that you can deal with tenants? Take it with you.

No doubt you are using a solicitor for the divorce so get him to make your ex cough up the agreement. It sounds unreasonable that she should get residence and rent from BTL if you bought jointly.


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