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how to issue section 8


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Hello All

I have a nightmare tenant

I have told you all the saga and since then i have

-taken her to court...she didnt turn up

-bailiffs have been turned away from her door

Bailiff has said the only route i have is to get possession immediately.

Please can someone let me know what the correct wording of section 8 is that i need to issue to her and how long do i have to state in the letter as her time to vacate the property

I want to issue section 8 under grounds 10,11,13,15and 17....she owes me 7.7 weeks of rent (which will go up very slightly as as housing benefit are paying me 95% of the rent direct now) but she is causing damage to property and not letting me in to fix the guttering..and has changed the locks etc.

She has said i can only enter after she leaves and only if i evict her...but how do I evict her...i dont want to get the section 8 wrong incase I am back to square one and she just sits there laughing at my many futile attempts.

any help and advice very welcome

many thanks in advance

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