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Its good but you have to take care of the cleanliness of the carpet. carpet attracts dirt very easily. There are so many methods to keep it clean.

Foam Cleaning:Foam cleaning can be used especially in the areas which experience heavy rush of people. It uses a type of floor buffer machine that releases shampoo onto a brush and a little amount of water that works its way into the carpet's threads. After this you have to wait for a couple of hours before the shampoo dries up and then vacuum the whole carpet thoroughly so that all the dirt, shampoo and water is extracted out from the carpet, leaving it nice and clean. Bonnet Cleaning:A solution like club soda is applied to the carpet, allowed to dwell and absorb soil and then is extracted using a floor machine providing gentle agitation. A round buffer or "bonnet" then scrubs the mixture and its absorbent spin pad draws dirt from the carpet. After the procedure, it can be rinsed or replaced as required.

Steam Cleaning:A steam cleaning machine blasts the carpet with a jet of hot water and then vacuums the water and dirt up. Steam cleaning will loosen dirt which has been ground into the carpet and also will remove mold and mildew spores. If you use a steamer frequently, it will keep your carpets smelling fresh and in good shape.

Dry Cleaning:The first step in dry carpet cleaning is vacuuming. There is no water used hence no time required for the carpet to dry out. It's a three step procedure, first sprinkle the carpets with a dry powder which acts as the cleaner and let it be for 15 minutes, work it through with a buffer and then vacuum to get the powder plus the dirt out. However not all the powder does get extracted and the residual eventually attracts more dirt and the final cleaning has to be with the steam method only.

Shampooing:In the method a shampoo containing brighteners and deodorizers is poured onto the brush of the buffer and is worked into the carpet, after the shampoo has been properly spread then the carpet is buffed portion by portion just like one would buff the floor. A small area is to be cleaned at a time and you might even have to go over it repeatedly, the corners and edges are cleaned by the hand only. To finish the task you will have to vacuum the carpet, to extract out all the shampoo however not all of it does get drawn out.

It may help you.


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