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Renting out my first property?


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Hi there,

I'm just getting ready to rent out my old flat that i kept on when moving house and would appreciate any advise and pointers anyone could give me on what steps to take to keep legal but also not get ripped off by the taxman.

this is the steps i have taken so far-

Electrics- all been checked and certified.

Gas- all been serviced,checked and certified with landlord certificate

Flat cleared out and will be for rent unfurnished.

i have just registered with my local authority

Now I'm going to advertise it in my local paper this weekend.

Do i need to make up my own legal papers for the tenant to sign or are they available elsewhere?

My buy to let mortgage fee was £2000, am i entitled to claim this back aswell as the fees for the gas and electric?

thanks for looking and any help would be great,


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