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Insurance ( another insurance question :-) )


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I've been trawling through the forum, and google, looking for information about recommended insurance brokers for unoccupied properties. Its taking me forever! Can anyone recommend any?

Thanks in advance


I assume you are looking to insure an unoccupied property with the intention to let it in the future. All of our landlord insurers allow an initial period of unoccupancy ranging from 1 month to 12 months. Some of them are even set up for the purpose of insuring an unoccupied property with the intention of selling it.

These are branded as landlords (or buy to let) insurance but allow unoccupancy as this is expected on this sort of policy (i.e. when between tenants).

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If you want other options just PM me.

I use an independant broker and usually end up with something competitive, you could look up a broker yourself there's one in your area for sure.

The trouble with the internet is it can give you too much choice.

I was price matching a specific item the other day and kept ending up at sites that didn't stock the item ever, they didn't have what I wanted but were advertisng that they did, which is so bloody annoying.



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