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which notice


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hi can anyone advise me on which notice would be the best

my tennant is on a 1 month periodic tenancy

i need the property back because i now want to live there myself, also the tennant is 2 months behind with the rent.

just wondered which would be the best notice to serve and can i downlaod the forms from this web site. thanks

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Hi Salavan,

This is not my strongest subject but it would seem that serving a section 8 AND section 21 are current thinking to cover every eventuality. The idea being that if the section 8 fails because tenant pays enough rent just to keep himself out of court then you have the 21 on standby.

I'm not sure if these forms are on the site but there are plenty of downloads out there including some good ones on serving the section 21 in the correct manner - the most common reason for failure. Google and check them out.

Good luck - stressful time.


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