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Putting up the rent


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My first AST is coming up for renewal after a year long tenancy.

The tenants have told me they wish to stay on.

However, when we originally agreed the tenancy they negotiated my rent down. I'd now like to take the opportunity when they renew to put the rent back up (I'm only talking about £20 p/m).

Is there a set 'notice period' that I have to give for this to tell them I'm putting it up when they renew?

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Hi Mark,

There are notices on this site you can use but I just send a letter stating that from a certain date the rent will be XXX. You need to give 8 weeks notice of this though and I prsonally think it helps if you discuss it face to face first. Best to check your AST to see if it mentions that you may only increase the rent by 3% or another figure in 1 year. I can't tell if you £20pcm is more than that.


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