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Forgotten to renew the tenancy !!!


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I'm only a 'part-time' landlord (4 properties) and have a 'proper' job and so, and I know it sounds shocking I have forgotten to renew a tenants tenancy :angry:

However I'm only a couple of weeks late.

How do I go about getting a new AST signed?

The original AST as signed up by a letting agent (they havent contacted me about this at all)

I basically want to write to the tenant and say; "do you want to stay on? If so here's a new contract. Sign up and we carry on as normal".

My question is

a) what if they just ignore it, but continue to pay rent ?

b ) what if they ignore it and stop paying rent?

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Don't panic! Is your AST a rolling one, that is 'periodic' after first six months? They usually are, in which case there is no need to do anything, assuming you're happy with the tenant, other than perhaps confirm that the tenancy may carry on as normal. If it is only a fixed term with no rolling clause, then you would need to renew.

Under Term, if 'periodic' the clause should read something like "six months and thereafter on a month to month basis until terminated by either party giving two months written notice."

Wait and see if the tenant stops paying rent. If so I suggest you write after a fortnight overdue reminding them that if it became over two months overdue you will exercise your legal rights to either claim or evict, by a court order.

Alternatively, if you want to terminate you could just give them two months notice and see how they react.

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