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Recommend a lettings agent in Ferryhill, DL17 0??


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Can anyone recommend a good agent in the Ferryhill area please? Full management as I do not live in the area. If it is another professional landlord that could help me then I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss.


Have you tried contacting the RLA ? http://www.rla.org.uk/services/

They might be able to recommend you an agent in this locality.

Best Regards

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Hi Mortitia

The landlord associations I have joined in a personal capacity and each have their own benefits. RLA is worth it because I get regular updates on legislation from them as I do from the NLA. The WCLA gives me those updates and, more importantly, information from the three councils that cover my area.

As for NALS, UKALA and GLM the membership criteria gets increasingly difficult each year but UKALA is certainly worth it since I also get free issues of the Lettings Update with them and legal factsheets. GLM also do training courses for agents. NALS, as they have told us, are there NOT for the benefit of their members, now known as Licenced Agents, but to protect the public! The cost is tax deductable but since our boards have the NALS logo on them, it would take many years of not paying their fee to cover the cost of new boards! :angry:

I suppose that I could save money by leaving some of them but, at the moment, I believe the benefits outweigh the costs. However if licencing agents costs more than joining one of them, I may reconsider. I would hope that our membership of the trade associations would demonstrate our professionalism to landlords and tenants alike, with the membership of the landlord associations showing to our client landlords that I am able to understand their concerns better being a landlord myself. :(

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