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Finding New Contact Details for Missing Tenants with outstanding Rent


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I have two tenants who have disappeared without paying the rent, despite receiving housing benefit. I need their new addresses so that I can serve a claim under County Court procedures. Is there any easy cost free way to find the tenants new address.

Alternatively is it possible to serve the claim notice on the address of the grandparents of one of the tenants. For your information the tenants are now a couple.

Your help would be appreciated.

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In my experience the answer probably 'no' to whether there is a cost free way. If there is I too would like to know!

As regards CCJ to grandparents address, yes - give it a try. But don't expect a result because the CCJ will be addressed personally to your ex-tenants, and quite probably ignored, as in my case.

I would consider how much you're owed and decide whether it's really worth pursuing. Ts probably don't have the money.

As they're on HB what does the LA recommend? Is LA aware?

Usual advice on this site is to ensure you have possession, change the locks, and find a new tenant.

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