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if past tenants are on DHSS benefits, can they get free legal aid if they take you to court over return of deposit monies?

Also as slip up by me in the tenancy agreement, they say that they should have one months rent back as the tenancy agreement says, 2 months notice by tenants and the landlord has to give 3 months notice.

Well joint tenancy agreement, the chap wanted to leave and gave me a written letter, actually lost this, I know this is bad of me, not like me at all, but cannot find this. I then said to the chap that the girl did not want to leave withher baby and would give her every opp to find someone to join tenancy agreement, and it would end at an awkward time, Dec. So said I would send the girl a letter giving 3 months notice but give her opp to find someone new. I did this gave the girl a letter and she signed the bottom to say end of tenancy 10 Dec, which was 3 months notice. But did not give a letter back to the chap saying three months notice.

The tenancy agreement says, 2 months notice tenatns and the landlord has to give tenants 3. So a slip up by me as should have said 3 for everyone.

So how do you think I stand re this?

They are not nice people. Have given them 2 deposit cheques back and still looking for more money off me.

Dont know if they will take me to court, she is on benefits still and she could not return ot work as she hit someone and she is now pregnant again.

She is in debt with lots of people like elec, gas etc. I did not know this when I took her on. Tv licence people sent letter too which I found when they left.

Tenancy agreement says they have to pay all bills and they knew this, as sent emails to this affect as well. But when you email tv, gas, elec etc they cannot tell you anythiing due to data protection.

They also had post in other peoples names coming to hse.

Any help do you think that they can persue me in court over slip up in tenancy agreemnet and notice given?

Do you think that I can say that they are in debt wiht others and not of good character?

help please

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Think this has now been covered.

Don't give them anything more than they are entitled to but be fair.

I think they are trying it on.



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Hello Selkirk

Thanks again for reply.

Like I said they knew old tenants which I did not know before, old tenants did not get any deposit back, I acutally was out of pocket, hse left in bad state, lots of cleaning, and new carpets due to cig burns, when it was a non smoking hse. So this not helping, and thefore think I am at fault as did not return others deposit monies. Called me unfair and vindictive.

Well hope that they dont persue this through the courts. They are awful people to deal with and what concerns me is that one is on benefits so dont know if she gets free legal aid and if so she might do this to get me further if you know what I mean.


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They're chancers don't worry about it, no one will be interested in them or £90 besides I think you can easily demonstrate you've been more than fair.



Hi thanks for info and advice.

they are young and immature, there seem to be a lot of young, immature and agressive people out there.


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