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Please help: evicition and belongings to sort out


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First let me say how wonderful it is to find this forum and what a relief it will be to get some advice.

I have a tenant who has not paid rent for five months, or bills and has infact borrowed lots of money. She forged letters from her bank saying that the backrent would be deposited into our account and then took loads of paracetemol and is now in a psych ward.

Do I have to evict her? How do I do that officially? What do I do with her belongings?

I'm not really a proper landllord, I just rented her the spare room because she used to work with me and was having a hardtime. I thought being in a family home with dogs would be good for her. I even took her to the cinema once a week and paid for her train ticket home to visit.

It turns out she is bankrupt so can not pay anything but I just want to get rid of her stuff now, how can I do that?

Thank you so much for reading this far and please, any advice would be so welcome.

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Hi Catryan,

Did you have a written tenancy agreement with her? Unlikely if you just rented her a room. If so may I suggest.........

The recognised time is 28 days to dispose of a tenants posessions but this does not sound as if it was a tenancy. Does this person have any relatives or a social worker who you can give her stuff to? If not bag it up and take it to the hospital - they'll love you but it is all you can do Write to her and tell her that she can no longer live in your house and change the locks.

I'm sure this person will have a social worker by now so find out who this is and a matter of urgency and take action.


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