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disapearing tenant!


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Hi all

I am new to this forum so be gentle with me!

I have a current hmo with 3 student tenants and one has decided to do a runner. I was notified by the remaining tenants that he hadn't been seen for some time so i called him (no answer) sent him several text messages (initially no reply) I posted a note under his door requiring access, then returned the following day and opened the room to find it mostly empty ( a few personal items but no bedding clother etc) He was due to pay his rent on the 14th Nov and now is due his next payment 14th Dec but nothing! I have recieved no notice or any complaints from him however i did find an advetisement he had placed on a student accomodation web site seeking a replacement. I got a text message from him yesterday saying why should he have to pay for somewhere when he isnt living there and i have let the other two rooms without his permission to two people he doest get on with! and he wants his deposit back. Help! He has since been back and cleared his belongings and left the room tidy. One of the remaining tenants wants to take the empty room and has a replacement for his but i am unsure about notices etc under these circumstances. Also the disapearing tenant still has keys to the property (communal areas and the room) Can i change the locks to maintain the security for the remaining tenants? I have sent invoices to his home address (parents) but not recieved any response. Any help/advice would be appreciated!


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Hi Penny,

I would say don't pursue the rent issue. Contact him and agree to his deposit back on handover of the keys.

Draw up a document to reflect this and the mutual end of his tenancy, get him to sign - give him a copy. Do all this ASAP.

Obvioulsy a house share was not for him - let him go elsewhere. Chasing him will not be worth the grief.

Swiftly re-let to replacement tenant and be happy.


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