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antisocial behaviour with tenants


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I have a tenant who is causing a nuisence to neighbours. She has been in the house for 5 months and is on a 12 month agreement. She is as nice as pie when she rings me but I have had at least 3 calls from the neighbours complainig of shouting in the street, dirty nappies in the entry, men banging on her door and generally making life difficult for other people. When the neighbours complained she threatened to "trash the house and smash their windows and smoke their cars" if they reported her to the landlord (me). I have 10 other houses and to be honest they are all model tenants. Not too sure what to do, shall I read her the riot act and start eviction procedures, I'm no wimp and I could tackle her myself but dont want anymore hassle for the neighbours. Any advice please.

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Hi Joan,

I'll take a guess your tenant may have a drink or drug problem or be mentally unstable. Any one of these reasons may account for her up and down behaviour.

Go and see the situation for yourself and see if you get abuse then you know the other complainants are not wrong - why are you not doing this? Call the police if necessary - people who make these type of threats rarely carry them out but they are a nuisance.

Think about it - you really don't want this sort of hassle do you - so act to end it. It is unlikely to go away by itself.

Good luck,


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