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Giving notice to tenants with no agreement in place


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Hi there,

I have a 3 bedroom house which I used to share with 2 tenants and no rental agreement. I moved out in Septemeber and another tenant moved in to my vacant room. Everything has worked pretty well even without an agreement. I now want to sell my house and had a meeting to discuss this with the tenants. We agreed they will be moving out at the end of January and they are looking to get a place together.

But to protect their interests they have asked to each be given a rental agreement with a Jan 2010 end date. I am not sure exactly how to go about this. I've spoken to 'landlordaction' and have been told they implicitly have an agreement and if I pay 'landlordaction' £115+vat they can help me to serve a 'legal notice'.

It might be worth mentioning that I keep my personal belongings there and visit regularly even though I don't live there.

I just want to do the right thing as we've got on very well but I can understand they want security at least until enf of Jan.

Any advice really appreciated.

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As you have no formal agreement why not at least write down what you all agreed about staying until departure at end of January 2010 and get all parties to sign, perhaps with a witness.

You don't have a problem unless and until one or more don't actually leave on the date they agreed......

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