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What company do you use to find tennants or manage your property ?


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I just want to know how landlords market there properties

for renting. Who you use and how much you pay for the service ?

Or if you don't use anyone how do you find tennants and the best way to do this.

Is it cards in shop windows, Internet, local papers or agents ?



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Hi, Warren.

It really depends on where your property is and what type of property. what might be suitable for a one bed flat in a city is no use for afour bed detatched in the country.

I have a few properties in the North West. I find Gumtree exelent for houses in Liverpool and its free, I get lots of enquiries from the ads. However a recent house in Wigan was useless on gumtree as in falls under the Manchester or Lancashire site. both of which cover a much larger area.

There are a few websites that allow you to access Rightmove. You pay about £50 send them the details and pics and they put it on the internet.

Local papers are again good if your in a city but i dont use them for rural areas.

A good idea is to get a profesional looking sighn drawn up to put up on the property. I have a clause in the AST to enable me to do this when the tenant gives notice.

I hope this helps.

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I really don't get this (by the way agree with what Clueless writes though Gumtree has never worked for me in London or Dorset).

Warren in previous posts is trying get us to buy his BMV dodgy properties and now wants to know how we manage without the likes of him!! LOL

Desperate or what?


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