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not renewing tenacy agreement the law?


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Hi all

New site to me so please bear with me.

The shorthold assured tenancy that i have in place for my tenant expires 1/02/10. I do not want to renew it, do I just serve them with notice to quit 2 clear months by registered post or do I have to tell them why I intend not to renew it - I am having serious problems with them as the lady in question has remarried to a heroin addict and is breaching the agreement in lots of ways, the trouble is the husband is an internet expert on tenants rights, so I can't afford 1 wrong move by myself. The husband is not listed on the agreement but has demanded to be put on it.

Also can they refuse to leave after that time thus making get a court order

Any advise would be gratefully received

Many thanks Jodi

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Hi Jodi,

Yes, serve the notice now or at least 8 weeks before the end of tenancy and you do not need to give any reasons. Also I would serve a Section 21A (search on this site) to be sure but make sure it is done in the correct manner - if unsure use a solicitor but they often make mistakes. Why not start the process now with 8 weeks notice from the next 'rent due' date. Make sure you keep copies of all paperwork.

Yes, they can refuse to leave even after all that and you will have to evict them with a court order. Sounds like the internet savvy heroin addict has been there before. You do not have to put him on the tenancy (chances are he would fail a credit check anyway) and you could attempt to end the agreement earlier if the rules of the agreement are being broken. See the section in the AST on ending the tenancy.

Good luck.


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