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Council Tax


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Can someone please tell me if the 6 month period of not paying council tax on an unfurnished/occupied property is 6 month between each tenancy or 6 month in total during my ownership of said property????

Many thanks in advance.

Hello to everyone as well because I'm new here.

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Welcome to residential landlord.

As long as your property is "substantially unfurnished" it is exempt from council tax for up to 6 months following the last occupation. There is no limit to how many times you can claim this exemption at your property.

It is advisable to keep the notice letter to quit the tenancy (either from landlord or tenant) and the tenancy agreement, as the council will probably want you to fax these to them as proof that your property is empty.

Also, if your property undergoes major repairs (to make it habitable) ie new bathroom etc, then the exemption is up to 12 months.

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