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Tenants Moving Out end of June


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Hello all,

I last visited this forum back in 2006 when I first rented out my buy-to-let maisonette. I did it through a letting agency at the time who I have to admit don't do anything for their money except tell porky pies!

The tenants are now moving out at the end of this month and I do not want to continue with the letting agency, I will manage it myself. The tenants have been very good throughout their term.

I'm not happy that the letter from the letting agency is dated 28th May, the frank on the envelope is 1st June and I received it today - 3rd June. The tenants are moving out at the end of the month - 28th June or there abouts.

Do you think I should address the fact that I only received the letter on 3rd June?

I am going to call the local paper tomorrow and put in an ad for the maisonette as I have been advised this is the best option to get potential tenants.

Would you agree, any other suggestions?

In addition to the above I will carry out the departure inventory the day they leave.

Any advice here, what can I deduct from their deposit? I know they have not replaced a wardrobe mirror they have broken.

Do I have to ensure they pay thier services such as;

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Cable

If they don't pay I shouldn't be responsible should I?

Is there anything else I should consider for their departure?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Kind regards,


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I wouldn't waste time and effort on whether or not the letting agent dated the letter correctly or lied etc, even though I can understand that the delay in sending you the letter is a delay in time you have to get a replacement tenant. You've decided to go it alone, so move on.

A good local newspaper isn't a bad way to advertise. The only downside is occasional crank calls, if you use this type of advertising, don't give out the exact property address unless you are totaly comfortable with the respondent. I personally use the internet to advertise, some companies charge a one-off charge of as little as £45 to post an online advert (with pics) on all the major property websites, rightmove.co.uk, globrix.com etc.

Regarding the depature inventory, I'm assuming you have an original inventory that was signed by the tenants when they moved in. If so, take this with you, and check everything on the day they move out.

It can be a good idea to go to property a few weeks b4 tenant moves out, and do a prilimary inventory check-out, this way, if there is damage or deductions due, then you give the tenant the chance to rectify any problems first, possibly preventing friction. Then if something is damaged, write to your tenant explaining why you will not be repaying all of the deposit, including written quotations from workmen if applicable. Regarding the wardrobe mirror, measure mirror for size, then surf net for prices, to establish how much to deduct for this.

Also make it clear to the tenant, that they have to remove all of they possessions or unwanted furntiure, the clearer you are with the tenant, the less chance of any surprises.

If, and your tenant most definately should have, signed a tenancy agreement, the agreement will state that the TENANT not landlord is responsible for all utility bills. Most utility companies require the landlord to fax tenancy agreement to them to stop pursuing bills at your property's address.

Beware, some tenants try to change bills over to the landlord once they know they are leaving, as long as you have a legitimate tenacy agreement it aint a problem. BUT also check gas and electric has not been changed by tenant from billed payments to pre-pay meters. This can be due to tenant not paying utility company and racking up debt, thus utility company clawing money back gradually. If for some reason tenant has switch to pre-paid, ring the utility company (name should be on meter) and get them to close / pursue tenant debt privately and send you new gas and electric pre-paid keys.

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Just in case you don't get someone in by the end of the tenancy, be aware of the terms on your insurance policy regarding unoccupancy. Some insurance companies it won't affect anything whatsoever, others may need you to shut off gas/electric/water, some others may restrict the cover on your policy.

Easiest thing is to ring your company to let them know to be on the safe side and ask them how it affects your policy. Remember to let them know once it is occupied again.

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I use: www.landlordlet.com, for £39 + Vat = £45

This company is based in Sidcup (south east london) and is basically run by letting agents - Drewery.

You submit your advert with pictures, within a few hours, it is advertised on prime location, rightmove.co.uk, findaproperty.com and globrix.com.

Finding my current tenant, I had placed a free advert on gumtree.com. What I have found is that quite a few prospective tenants browsing gumtree stay clear of mainstream internet ads letting agents due to having a poor rating.

The letting agent's (Drewery) logo and tel number appears on the advert, prospective tenants contact them first, Drewery then emails you with the prospective tenant's tel / email to arrange a viewing. If you don't get a tenant within a month, you get another month free.

However, like I said they are based in Sidcup, but I can't see why it should be different, I'd give them a call first though.

Also do a reference check on prospective tenants, I use national landlords association, it used to be £10 to check tenant for ccjs etc. To do this you will need tenants D.O.B and there postal addresses for the current / past 5 years

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