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Rent Arrears


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Could anyone please provide me with the relevent information regarding arrears, I have let my home without a deposit :rolleyes: and the rent was due on the 24th of every month. To date i have not received any money and they just keep fobbing me off, when could i start proceedings to evict as i dont think i have a decent tennant.

They have been in 5 weeks and have a 6 month tenancy agreement. :(

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Rent needs to be 8 weeks or more in arrears for Grounds of Possession by Court Order. See Help for Landlords on this site.

I suggest you give the tenant a couple of weeks to pay and then if still unpaid write to them, informing of your concern and your intentions should the arrears go to 8 weeks.

6 days late for first payment from a new tenant is a bit soon to complain and might make things worse!

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You'll be lucky to get away with this, I'd see a solictor straight away.

You are wide open and the law falls heavily on your tenants side, the longer it goes on the more it's going to cost you.

Why did you not collect a deposit, did you run a credit check, is there an inventory? My guess is you were doing someone a favour and thought your kindness would be reflected plus you thought it would be cheap and easy to do it this way.

Personally, and i don't know the full circumstances, you need to get them out asap, it appears to me they have no intention of paying you anything, then go see a letting agent and do it properly.

good luck



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