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6 Months HB/LHA upfront


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I have heard the council will now pay 6 months HB/LHA up front for some tenants. Has anyone heard about it or know the pros and cons.

If the councils are doing it do you think it has anything to do with less LL taking T on benifits because the payment go direct now and they need to find another way to persuad LL to do it????

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Hi Speedtwin,

I don't know about the 6 months upfront scheme but I do know that my local authority has just taken over a block of new build flats for due for the private market where the developer was in financial trouble. East Dorset have done this purely to house single mothers only as they have so many on their books and landlords will not take them if they are on HB.

I also know another landlord with over 80 properties who is in big trouble with rents owed by HB tenants. He has borrowed heavily to build 'social housing' and is not getting paid the rents once these HB tenants with drug and alcohol probs are in.

I predict some sort of meltdown if the law is not changed.


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I think local councils are starting to shoot themselves in the foot with their view about not paying LL direct.

I have just taken on a new L/L with 2 properties both with T on LHA. He told me the previous T left not so long ago owing 2k in rent. I told him to write to the council quoting the 8 weeks in arrears rule, in case the claim was still active and as they pay in arrears he may be able to get a couple of quid.

He got a letter saying there was about 1k of benefit not paid yet which he may be intitled to have. (the claim must have been suspended then restarted)

Today he has got another letter stating he wont be getting the money because it is not in the best intrests of the tenant to pay to him (the LL) because the tenancy has ended so it will go direct to the tenant and he (the tenant) is not living there any more.

This is utter utter madness this LL is now (so pissed off) is going evict his present tenants at the earlist he can and get working tenants.

I suspect it it because they are try to re-house him now and put some cash in his pocket to help or he is in danger of been evicted at a new property and the council dont want another scummy non paying tenant banging on their desk shouting "I am homeless find me somewhere to live"

The same council has said to me that although it is housing benefit/LHA the tenant doesnt have to use it for the rent if they choose not to.

The 8 week in arrears rule where the council would nearly always pay direct seems to now be ignored and they quote not in the tenants intrests even if a section 8 and or section 21 has been served and the council have a copy of it.

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