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Selling advice please


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Hi, we would like to sell our tenanted property with the tenant still living there. What would be the best way to go about this and is there anything legal we need to do, other than tell the tenant of course?

The tenant was issued with a 6mth AST last year after we inherited the property which has now become periodic.

I would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.

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Well you don't have to do anything really except insruct an agent or auction house and I would defintely use a solicitor - so have one to mind.

The auction will get you a quicker and easily concluded sale. Or you could use a specialist in investment properties. Do you want to put a reserve price on it? You may achieve a higher price selling it with vacant posession.

Is this the one from last year where the tenant woud not move out and had no previous agreement with your ancestor/landlord?


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